Unravelling subclonal heterogeneity and aggressive disease states in TNBC through single-cell RNA-seq

Mihriban Karaayvaz, Simona Cristea, Shawn M. Gillespie, Anoop P. Patel, Ravindra Mylvaganam, Christina C. Luo, Michelle C. Specht, Bradley E. Bernstein, Franziska Michor & Leif W. Ellisen

Published in Nature Communications September 4, 2018.

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Mission Statement

The research of our lab focuses on the evolutionary dynamics of cancer. Cancer emerges due to an evolutionary process in somatic tissue. The fundamental laws of evolution can best be formulated as exact mathematical equations. Therefore, the process of cancer initiation and progression is amenable to mathematical investigation. Current areas of research include cancer stem cells, evolution of drug resistance, and the dynamics of metastasis formation.